Look How Much Fun They Had At The Eagles-Redskins Game Monday Night

eagles redskins fight

by Tommy Gimler

Kirk Cousins might have gotten his ass kicked on the field Monday night, but it was a different story in the beer line at the Link.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Why is the name of Douglas Fuck would you even think about actually going to an NFL game in 2017? Beers are $15, the average person sitting in the seat next to you is roughly 85 pounds overweight and you don’t have access to instant replays in HD to draw your own conclusion to what just happened like you do when you’re sitting on your couch next to your wife’s purse dog at home.

And then you have these two fucking clowns.

Here we have two middle-aged men wearing jerseys of other adult males who actually think their presence at a football game matters. Something tells me that each of them also has a short list of “bad luck” things that went down in their lives that prevented them from actually being Fletcher Cox and Kirk Cousins.

And because neither of them have anything else going for them in life right now, they decided to talk shit following a game of football. Based on the previous 30 years of stadium fights, something tells me the dumb fuck in the Cox jersey uttered something to the effect “Redskins suck.” Well, the dude in the Cousins jersey who was just too fed up with the fact that all of the effort that he has put into his beloved team has gone for naught this season wasn’t having it and probably retorted with something like “I’ll kick your fucking ass.”

And then he did.

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So fucking dumb.

Seriously, the only way you’re getting me to attend a Redskins game in person this year is if I’m sitting in either of these girls’ sections:  

blow job

Wait, there’s more: Drunk Girl At Dolphins Game Decides To Take A Piss At A Urinal (NSFW)

You have got to see this shit:

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