Justin Thomas On The Green Chipping In From Four Feet Out…Wait, What?

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by Tommy Gimler

I say that boy good.

I have either seen or heard of some crazy shit going down on golf courses before. Hell, I for one damn near took out a bride on her wedding day after skulling my drive and drilling the back of her golf cart. I have also been chased by a goose from hell and “lost” my putter on the side of a mountain. I have a buddy who once told me he walked into the woods off the 17th fairway and jerked off, and I have another buddy who once still fired an 84 despite shitting his drawers on the fifth hole.

Still, in all my years of golfing, I have never seen somebody pull out an iron on the green when he’s just four feet from the hole and chip it in like Justin Thomas did yesterday. Check out how delicious this turned out:

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Mmmmm. Tasty.

Well, now if we can just get Tiger Woods to tag team a couple of waitresses from Applebee’s in a fairway bunker, then we can officially say that when it comes to golf, we have seen it all…

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You have got to see this shit:  

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