Justin Houston And The Chiefs Just Delivered An Epic Dick Sandwich To Bettors Who Took The Skins +7 And Under 48.5 Points

chiefs redskins bad beat

by Tommy Gimler

Definitely extra mayo on this one.

If you live east of the Mississippi, odds are you shut off the tube after some dude the Chiefs claimed off the Panthers practice squad last week kicked a field goal with four seconds left that gave Kansas City a 23-20 lead over the visiting Redskins. After all, what could possibly happen with just four seconds left?

Well, this:

Of course if you’re my mom, your response to that is, “Who gives a flying fuck? The Chiefs still won the game.”

Yes, that they did, mom, but in the process, they managed to cover the 7-point spread the thugs in Vegas had set before the game in epic backdoor fashion. And if you had the under? Well, you also got thrown over a chair when Justin Houston crossed the goal line as time expired. Before he did that, the point total stood at 43. After he scored the touchdown, it stood at 49. The point total set before the game? You guessed it: 48-and-a-fucking-half.

Is it the worst beat degenerates have ever experienced? Probably not, but I know my balloon knot will still be bleeding in the morning, which statistics show is not a good thing…

Wait, there’s more: The Giants Suck So Many Balls That Fans Are Celebrating When They Just Cover The Spread

You have got to see this shit:

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