Just Like Ian Kinsler Said, Angel Hernandez Needs To Find A New Job Because He’s A Giant Bag Of Shit

angel hernandez

by Tommy Gimler

If God truly existed, he would’ve had Ian Kinsler live-tweeting Angel Hernandez’s complete failure behind the plate in Friday afternoon’s ALDS Game 2 in Houston.

And keep in mind, we’re only in the third inning right now.

That’s right, kids. MLB umpire Angel Hernandez is trending on Twitter, and that’s usually not a good thing. Odds are it’s either because he got drilled in the balls with a foul ball (as we can only hope happens before the end of the game) or he sucks balls at calling balls and strikes. Today, as is usually the case with Hernandez, it’s because of the latter.

So far, Hernandez has been atrocious when it comes to calling high and inside pitches what they are: balls. Here’s what the Twitter community has to say about it:

And of course, we saved the best for last:

Wait, there’s more: Here’s Yankees Catcher Gary Sanchez Taking A Foul Ball To His Pecker

You have got to see this shit:


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