Did Mia Khalifa Really Get Kicked Out Of The Dodgers-Cubs Game For Punching A Dude Who Wanted A Selfie With Her?

mia khalifa dodgers game

by Tommy Gimler

Easily the most important story facing Planet Earth today.

Some people hear the name Mia Khalifa and instantly think of the porn star who appeared in what is probably the hottest Muslim mother-daughter threesome scene on the World Wide. Others think of Mia Khalifa and probably think of the avid Florida State football fan. Still others hear the name Mia Khalifa and think, “Who the fuck is Mia Khalifa?”

Well, it appears as though Mia Khalifa is sadly an “ex-porn star” who is also a Cubs fan attending postseason baseball games in Los Angeles with some fucking tool in a Florida – not a Miami, mind you, but Florida - Marlins hat. Khalifa also “allegedly” got kicked out of the game for “allegedly” punching a dude in the face after he “allegedly” tried to snap a selfie with her just before Charlie Culberson didn’t score a run for the Dodgers but then did score a run for the Dodgers because of a dogshit rule meant to protect pussies like Buster Posey.

Since she’s on Twitter almost as much as she used to be on dicks, it didn’t take long for Khalifa to share her side of the story:  

Well, as you might have guessed, Twitter had a field day with that one:

  And of course:  

No word if Khalifa took the last guy up on his offer and flew six hours across the country to help him get his fuck on, but given her history, I’d say that it’s not totally out of the realm of possibility…

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You have got to see this shit:

Brett Favre Change

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