Welcome Back, Bills Mafia!

bills mafia blow job

by Tommy Gimler

Not one but two reported knob jobs, and this was only Week One against the pig shit awful Jets!

The Buffalo Bills beat the New York Jets 21-12 Sunday afternoon in a game that was almost as exciting as watching my grandfather trying to finish off a scratcher. But as is always the case, we’re doing a story on them solely because their fans, the Bills Mafia, are nothing short of the greatest fans in the history of sports.

When they’re not spinning around on a whiffle bat and then falling headfirst into a bus, they’re fucking broads against a Toyota Corolla. When they’re not jumping through $30 Costco tables in the parking lot, they’re fingering their girlfriend’s asshole in Section 241. And when they’re not busy watching LeSean McCoy make mince stew out of the Jets defense to the tune of five yards per carry, they’re busy getting their cocks sucked in the shitter stalls.

bills mafia beej

  And that wasn’t the only onsite hummer, baby!

Yes, thumbs up indeed!

No word on what the Bills Mafia has in store for Week 3 when the Broncos come to town, but I think the only way to go up at this point would be if some dude is getting his knob popped while jumping through a Costco table…

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You have got to see this shit:

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