Some Asshole Ref In The Missouri Game Took Away This TD Because He Felt It Was Excessive Celebration

missouri touchdown excessive celebration

by Tommy Gimler

If this is excessive celebration, then I’ve got a ten-inch cock.

Odds are you missed the Missouri Tigers curb stomp the Bears of Missouri State yesterday because you were busy doing anything else. Hell, we didn’t even know Missouri State had a football team with uniforms and everything. But that means you missed the two teams light up the scoreboard with 115 points, as the defense in this one was lacking almost as bad as Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ability to keep her legs closed around a dude with his SAG card.

Well, that combined point total could have been 119 points (which would have been a new SEC record) had it not been for one referee’s decision to let everybody know he was working the game by throwing a flag on Missouri running back Demarea Crockett as he…wait for it…dove across the goal line on a 75-yard touchdown run in the third quarter.

That’s right, kids. He dove across the goal line while being chased 75 yards down the field. He didn’t flash a gang sign. He didn’t whip and nae nae or whip nae nae or whatever the hell the kids are calling it these days. He didn’t ass-fuck a cheerleader for six minutes.

No sir.

All he did was dive across the goal line after almost getting tripped up at the 10-yard line, and this shitdick referee thought it was “excessive celebration.”

In the words of our favorite hippie Bill Walton, that was horrible.

No word if that ref recently walked in on his wife getting porked by his cousin and it put him in the shittiest of moods, but I think I speak for the majority when I say he can eat a dick for making that call…

Wait, there’s more: Ohio State’s Quarterbacks Coach Picked His Nose Last Night And I Mean He REALLY Went For It

You have got to see this shit:

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