Remember When Marcus Allen Played For The Colorado Rockies? Wait, What?

marcus allen rockies

by Tommy Gimler

Sports questions (or answers) continue to be the nerds’ kryptonite.

There’s a reason why you don’t order hookers for guys at Comic Con. There’s a reason why you don’t gift books to a Kardashian. There’s a reason why you don’t order salads for Pablo Sandoval. There’s a reason why you don’t hand sticks of Old Spice to Hasidic Jews. And for the love of Christ, there’s a reason why you don’t dedicate an entire category to sports on Jeopardy!, man.

The reason that applies in every single one of those examples? You guessed it: They don’t know what they are.

Case in point is this collection of dorks on a recent episode of Jeopardy! who were given the category of “NFL Teams By Hall of Famer.” Watch as Anupama learns the hard way that sometimes it’s just better if you just stand behind the podium and shut the fuck up.

Um, take it away, Jules.

Look, we’re sure that Anupama can perform open-heart surgery with one hand while she’s blindfolded and knows the name of every cattle breed east of the Atlantic, but when it comes to sports – and Jeopardy! in general given the fact that she was a grand in the hole after the first round – she’s a fucking idiot.

Still, we’re more disappointed that the dude all the way to the right didn’t know that Mean Joe Green played for the Steelers or Allen played for the Raiders. I mean, he doesn’t look like that big of geek…

Wait, there’s more: After 3 Weeks Of Subpar NFL Action, The Kansas City Chiefs Are Still The Best Team In The Game

You have got to see this shit:

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