Ohio State’s Quarterbacks Coach Picked His Nose Last Night And I Mean He REALLY Went For It

ryan day nose pick osu coach

by Tommy Gimler

Let’s just say if there was gold up there, he definitely found it.

Odds are before last night, you best recognized the name Ryan Day from the phrase, “Who in the hell is Ryan Day?” Well, Day is the Ohio State quarterbacks coach who was no doubt feeling the heat during the first half of OSU’s 49-21 victory over Indiana last night.

You see, kids, Indiana was actually leading at halftime, something that no doubt led to a shitstorm of biblical proportions courtesy of head coach Urban Meyer’s mouth in the locker room. And maybe it was the anticipation of that or the thought that Day’s coaching career was being flushed down the toilet with every mistake quarterback J.T. Barrett and company kept making. We’re not sure.

But for whatever reason, Day just simply forgot that a television camera had been placed in the coach’s box upstairs. Who didn’t forget? You guessed it: ESPN’s technical director, who cut to that camera the instant Day jammed his finger up his nostril and totally went to town on a nagging booger.

Hunter S. Thompson once said that anything worth doing, is worth doing right. It’s just that next time Day will probably want to refrain from doing it on national television. And he’ll probably want to refrain from wiping his snot balls on his temple. Total amateur move. Most nose-picking pros like us know that the best place for those bad boys is under the seat…

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You have got to see this shit:

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