Danny Duffy Orders Combo Meal And Burgers At Burger King Drive Thru, Passes Out, Gets DUI

danny duffy dui burger king

by Tommy Gimler

We were waiting for a mugshot to appear before writing up this gem, and while that hasn’t happened, this picture of him having to explain to reporters why a guy making $5 million isn’t using a car service and is still eating dinner at Burger King will do just fine.

At 65-67, Kansas City’s chances of making the postseason are fading faster than my grandfather’s ability to make it to the john on time.

Your best pitcher getting a DUI after passing out at a Burger King drive thru before the sun goes down on a Sunday evening isn’t going to help the cause.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Danny Duffy early Sunday evening in Overland Park just hours he and his Royals teammates suffered through a 12-0 ass pounding courtesy of the red hot Cleveland Indians. According to the gang at Deadspin, Duffy rolled into the drive thru around 7:30 pm and ordered a combo meal and some burgers, but instead of leaving with a surefire way to get the runs, Duffy left the “restaurant” with a DUI and a shit-ton of explaining to do.

Here’s a clip of the field sobriety test courtesy of the class acts over at TMZ. Lit, turned up, OP!

Duffy apparently passed out with his foot on the brake, so a Burger King employee/felon had to reach inside of his vehicle and throw the fucker into park. Duffy woke up just before police arrived on the scene, and like a true champion, he wasn’t about to just sit there and take it up the tailpipe. Instead, the southpaw begged a few other “diners” to jump in the driver’s seat to save his ass. When nobody took him up on his offer, Duffy allegedly just sat there and “hoped for the best.”

Well, hope in one hand and shit in the other, and see which one fills up first. This time around for Duffy, it wasn’t hope…

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You have got to see this shit:

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