Apparently The Internet Also Doesn’t Think Matthew Stafford Is Worth $27 Million A Year


by Tommy Gimler

Complete with comparisons to Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford. Great stuff.

The Lions announced on Twitter last night that they had signed quarterback Matthew Stafford to a five-year extension that would see him losing games in Detroit through the 2022 season. Everybody else on Twitter immediately had a field day with the news.

Grab a cup of coffee and your phone and tell your boss you’ll be back at your desk after you take a 12-minute trip to the shitter. Then find the stall with the fewest drops of your coworkers’ piss on the seat, sit down and enjoy the best reactions to Stafford becoming the NFL’s highest paid player.

Wait, there’s more: Just A Friendly Reminder That The Best Place To Watch A Football Game In LA Is Anywhere Except At The Actual Game

You have got to see this shit:

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