This Mets Fan Downing A Beer With No Hands Is The Highlight Of The Mets’ Season So Far

mets fan beer

by Tommy Gimler

There were surprisingly a ton of Mets fans who showed up in St. Louis for a three-game series between the Cardinals and Mets over the weekend. Unfortunately for them, the Mets did not.

New York dropped the final two games of the series by a combined score of 10-1, and they lost five of their last six heading into the All-Star break.

At 39-47 and in fourth place in the pig shit awful NL East, to say the 2017 New York Mets have been a disappointment would be a bigger understatement than saying I would like to hold Kate Upton’s hand, as everybody knows I would eat pickled beets out of her asshole, and I fucking hate pickled beets. Only the Cincinnati Reds have a worse pitching staff in the National League, and pitching was supposed to be the thing that carried this team to the promised land.

The good news is that Mets fans are currently at the top of their game, and unlike their beloved team, they’re actually providing us with highlights. Watch as this fucking guy downs a 16-ounce aluminum bottle of Bud Light in less than 10 seconds, and he does so without using his mitts.

Easily the highlight of the year for the Mets right there. Although, you have to think Keith Hernandez saying that Tanner Roark has been getting his “tits lit” is sniffing its ass as they cross the finish line…

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You have got to see this shit:

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