The Bat Flip Of The Next Generation Looks Just A Tad Unsafe

kid bat flip

by Tommy Gimler

In even more shocking news, they apparently make Hernan Perez jerseys for little kids and people are actually buying them.

We kid, as that’s actually Hernan Perez’s son, and it turns out that he loves emulating his old man’s shitdick antics on the baseball diamond.

Look, Roger Federer won his record-breaking eighth Wimbledon championship today, but it seems as though both of our readers care about the sport of tennis about as much as homeless people in LA do about finding a public toilet to drop a deuce.

So instead we’re giving you Perez’s kid giving us the bat flip of a new generation, one that apparently couldn’t give two shits about the people who dropped a few hundred bucks to sit in some baller seats.

Take it away, kid:

Oh, and he even thanked God for watching over him and helping him hit one out of the yard. What a fucking cutie!

Now just imagine if his God actually spent his time watching over things like Perez’s home country of Venezuela instead of little kids hitting dingers…

Wait, there’s more: 5 Bold Predictions For MLB’s Second Half

You have got to see this shit:  

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