Here’s A Florida Woman Who Chewed On Some Meth That Was Jammed Up Her Ass


by Tommy Gimler

Yeah, I’ll go ahead and swipe left on this one.

I get the whole “don’t let it go to waste” thing, but this is ridiculous.

According to Fox 9, a Florida woman is in deep shit after authorities said she was arrested for heroin possession and then proceeded to chew on a bag of meth that was jammed up her ass during a strip search at the Naples Jail Center.

Police initially pulled Summer Nicole Adamson over for expired tags on her Jeep on June 29, but that was far from being the most eventful part of their evening. The corporal who pulled Adamson over said he noticed it was Adamson behind the wheel from “a previous law enforcement contact” (shocker), and then he noticed a “syringe poking out from Adamson’s right leg, as she was sitting on it, as well as a small plastic baggie with a brown powder.”

That brown powder? You guessed it: Heroin, and even in the “great” state of Florida, that will get you arrested 100 percent of the time.

Still, it wasn’t until officers transported Adamson to the Naples Jail Center and conducted a strip search that they realized she had her most Florida-esque move hidden up her sleeve. Or I guess in this case, you could say that she had it hidden up her ass, as police said she reached into her “buttocks area,” pulled out a plastic bag and began to chew on it.

Of course, that plastic bag contained meth, so they were able to tack on a charge of alleged smuggling of contraband into county detention facility on top of alleged drug possession, alleged possession of drug paraphernalia alleged evidence tampering charges.

And if you find yourself wondering just what kind of a woman would pull a bag of meth out of her ass and start chewing on the damn thing? Well, here’s your answer:


If you’re looking for a “glass half-full” take on the story, fellas, odds are you won’t need more than three bucks for back-alley beej from this broad. The question now is, “Just how desperate are you?”

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You have got to see this shit:

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