UFC Fighter Literally Shits Herself While Getting Choked

fighter ufc poops

by Tommy Gimler

And that, kids, is why you never load up on Taco Bell before doing anything important.

Odds are you best recognize the name Justine Kish from the phrase, “Who the fuck is Justine Kish?” Well, from here on out she’ll be known as the poor young lady who shit her pants while getting bested by Felice Herrig during last night’s UFC Fight Night in Oklahoma City.

Grab a sandwich, sit back and enjoy:

Now that is literally giving it everything you’ve got. Just how did Kish get out of that? Well, she crapped herself, dude.

If you’re looking for a glass half-full take on it, at least after losing in the octagon in more ways than one Sunday night, Kish at least had a sense of humor about it. Instead of jumping off of her hotel balcony or running into oncoming traffic to escape the jokes and embarrassment of shitting your drawers on live TV, Kish took to Twitter to show that it’s behind her (pun intended):

So if you’re keeping score at home, here’s what you should have:

BAD NEWS: Justine Kish shit herself Sunday night on live television.

GOOD NEWS: Millions of people now know who Justine Kish is, meaning dozens of companies who make adult diapers should be lining up outside her agent’s door this morning looking to throw wads of cash at her. Cha-fucking-ching!

Wait, there’s more: New Dallas Mavericks Stud Dennis Smith Jr. Once Tweeted About ‘Slangin’ His Wood

You have got to see this shit:

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