These Two Predators Fans Really Went For It After Nashville’s Game 4 Win Over The Penguins

predators penguins game 4

by Tommy Gimler

Whoa. You usually don’t see Southerners go at like that unless they’re related.

The Nashville Predators evened up the Stanley Cup Finals at two games apiece after taking down the Pittsburgh Penguins 4-1 at Bridgestone Arena Monday night. Pekka Rinne turned back 23 of the 24 shots the Penguins sent his way, and that apparently was enough to give at least one Nashville fan’s pecker one of those little tingly moments, as he and his boo decided to get into one of those “Let’s put on some Bublé and clean each other’s teeth with our tongues” make-out sessions while Todd McShay’s doppleganger reported live for the local NBC affiliate.

You really can’t blame the lovers/cousins for going at it on live television. For starters, their beloved Predators just evened things up in the Stanley Cup Finals. And two, all of that talk about walls and pipes actually just got my blood pumping a little bit, too.

So yeah, um, gotta go…

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You have got to see this shit:

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