Shoutout To The Sacramento Kings For Wishing Anthony Tolliver A Happy Birthday And Then Releasing Him

anthony tolliver

by Tommy Gimler

Happy birthday! Now drop your drawers so we can kick you in the dick.

Believe it or not, Anthony Tolliver has been in the NBA since Bush was in the White House, which all of a sudden seems like a rather welcome thought. In nine NBA seasons, Tolliver has played for San Antonio, Golden State, Portland, Minnesota, Atlanta, Charlotte, Detroit, Phoenix, Detroit again, and most recently, the Sacramento Kings.

Well, the well-traveled power forward celebrated his 32nd birthday yesterday, and because they’re all such swell folks over there in the Kings front office, they used their Twitter account to wish him the happiest of birthdays:

A few hours later, they even gave him a birthday present. That present? You guessed it: They cut him.  

That’s a tough birthday, kids.

If you see Tolliver at the bus station today, do him a solid and wish him a happy birthday and maybe let him take a peek at your wife’s tits or something. That should cheer him up…

Wait, there’s more: Motorboating A Fan With Huge Tits Is A Touchdown Celebration We Can Get Behind

You have got to see this shit:

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