MLB Umpire Saves Woman From Jumping Off Pittsburgh Bridge

john tumpane

by Tommy Gimler

Who needs Batman when you’ve got John Tumpane in town?

Before yesterday, odds are you best recognized the name John Tumpane from the phrase, “Who in the hell is John Tumpane?” Well, from here on out you’ll know him as the MLB umpire who was nothing short of an absolute hero Wednesday afternoon, as he locked both of his arms around the back of a woman who was attempting to jump off the Roberto Clemente Bridge outside of PNC Park in Pittsburgh and saved her from killing herself.

Listen to the story he told Steph Chambers and Stephen J. Nesbitt of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, including how the woman became “dead weight” after dangling her feet over the ledge several times, meaning Tumpane’s strength was the only thing keeping her from certain death.

Tumpane’s day wasn’t over there, as he was behind home plate calling balls and strikes during Pittsburgh’s 6-2 victory over the visiting Tampa Bay Rays just a few hours later.

You know, Facebook and Twitter feeds these days are often filled with “friends” whining about how twisted this world has become because all we see in the news are stories about terrorism, death, fighting politicians and of course, Florida Man. That’s why a story of courage, heroism and care for an absolute stranger like this deserve just as much if not more attention than those.

John Tumpane and his actions are perfect reminders that there are still great human beings in this country and on this planet, people who when shit hits the fan, put their self-interests and well-being on the line for the betterment of others. Be sure to give him a solid ovation if he’s umpiring a game in your city over the holiday weekend, and maybe let it slide if he misses that 1-2 slider that actually did catch the corner. He has earned that respect and then some… 

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