Fans Started Fighting At The End Of The Warriors-Cavs Game Because Of Some ‘Sucka Shit’

NBA finals game 2 fan fight

by Tommy Gimler

Funny. Those two words also best sum up the NBA’s product on the court right now.

Much like the majority of the 2016-17 NBA season, Golden State’s 132-113 ass pounding of the Cavaliers last night was a fucking joke. Well, unless of course you had the over. Then it was like the best shit ever, man.

I didn’t watch much of the 19-point curb stomping because I was busy golfing or jamming a screwdriver up my peehole or something like that that was far more productive, but I did catch the very end of the game as cameras following a butthurt LeBron James as he made his way for the tunnel also picked up several Golden State fans shoving the shit out of some dude who looked like Carlton Banks.

Turns out the dude didn’t just look like Uncle Phil’s rich kid, but he also had mad cash like him and thought that because he was so goddamn flush, he could step over whoever he needed to just to get some pictures of players making their way back to the locker room. Or in other words, he thought he could get away with some “sucka shit.”

Yeah, that wasn’t happening. Here’s what Big Poppa had to say about it:

“Guy in front of us sitting on the wood wanted to take a picture. He backed up in the aisle, security told him to get out of the way. He came in our section and told me ‘get out the way I got more $$$,’ told him to get behind me… he kept yapping and then it went down. It’s the Bay, we don’t play that sucka shit.”


Well, props to these guys for providing the most thrilling moment of the NBA postseason thus far…

Wait, there’s more: Shoutout To The Sacramento Kings For Wishing Anthony Tolliver A Happy Birthday And Then Releasing Him

You have got to see this shit:

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