The Best Action From Last Night’s Penguins-Senators Playoff Game Was This Idiot Getting Tased

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by Frank Rhombus

Seriously, fuckers. How hard is it to turn your phone 90 degrees and record the full picture?

Last night’s Penguins-Senators game was a goddamn snoozefest. I mean, 1-0? That’s the same reason we don’t watch soccer here at The DUD. We thrive on watching more scoring going down on the playing surface than at a six-trailer orgy in Modesto on a Tuesday night. Although, if more guys were running onto the pitch and doing lines of snout candy after the game like the dude below, well, let’s just say our interest would be peaked.

Anyway, it seems as though the best action from last night’s game was courtesy of this shitdick who refused to give up his seat despite the fact that Pittsburgh’s finest was telling him to do so. Let’s see how that turned out:

Ugh, what a shitty camera angle. Thankfully, somebody else was filming from another spot:

Let’s score some fucking goals, fellas…

Wait, there’s more: So Antonio Cromartie Might Want To Think About Getting ANOTHER Vasectomy

You have got to see this shit:

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