Motorboating A Fan With Huge Jugs Is A Touchdown Celebration We Can Get Behind

shea norton motorboat

by Tommy Gimler

Oh, baby. Let’s hope she leads the league in touchdowns this year.

Odds are you’ve missed all of the action from the Legends Football League this year because you’ve been busy doing anything else, but that means you’ve actually missed some pretty crazy shit in the early going. For starters, the Seattle Mist absolutely threw it in the asses of the Denver Dream players recently when they curb stomped them to the tune of 106-0. That’s right, kids. A team lost by 106 points and didn’t go crying to the press about how unfair that is. What a concept.

Even better? You guessed it: One of the touchdowns was scored by Shea Norton, who proceeded to celebrate her accomplishment by motorboating a young lady with tits bigger than my head. Check it out here, Brian Portz:

Hey, you stay classy, dude in the front row who thought that was the best time to get an ass feel in.

Of course, you could only imagine the media shitstorm that would accompany any NFL player deciding to shove his face between a female fan’s yams after putting six on the scoreboard. Unless of course that player was Tom Brady, which would result in that female fan’s panties getting wrecked to biblical proportions…

Wait, there’s more: Odds Are You’re Having A Better Memorial Day Weekend Than Tiger Woods

You have got to see this shit:

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One Response to Motorboating A Fan With Huge Jugs Is A Touchdown Celebration We Can Get Behind

  1. NachoDan says:

    Why am I watching the NFL?

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