Here’s Miguel Sano Hitting A Woman In The Face With A 466-Foot Home Run

miguel sano home run woman's face

by Tommy Gimler

She had more than just a salmon filet for dinner last night.

Odds are you missed the Twins-A’s game last night because you were busy doing anything else, but that means you missed Miguel Sano beat the piss out of a baseball to the tune of 466 feet to center field into a restaurant known as CATCH. And what makes that location so ironic is that there was a woman there who tried her damnedest but did not catch the ball.

Well, I guess technically she did. It’s just that she caught it with her face:

Our first thought was that maybe it ricocheted or bounced off of something to take at least a little bit off of it, but, well, nope:  

Asked about it afterward, here’s what the big guy had to say:


Hey, we feel bad for the poor woman this time around. I mean, you have to think that one of the reasons she and her family decided to sit there was because there was no chance in hell that a ball would be hit there. Well, until one was.

At the same time, here’s a friendly reminder that if you have absolutely zero athletic talent, or if Miguel Sano ever hits a home run in your direction, do yourself a favor and get the fuck out of the way…

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You have got to see this shit:

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