The Sports Gambling Podcast’s Mock Draft Will Make Mel Kiper Shit Himself From An Overwhelming Sense Of Jealousy


by Tommy Gimler

Mel Kiper says the Chargers will take Mike Williams with the 7th pick. The gang at the Sports Gambling Podcast says they’ll take Malik Hooker. We trust the guys who aren’t getting their brains pushed in by 12 pounds of bulletproof hair.

It’s almost time for the NFL Draft in Philadelphia, something that must be giving our boy Sean Green at the Sports Gambling Podcast a massive hard-on. Supposedly, when each player hears their name called, they’re going to run either down or up the “Rocky Steps” at the Philadelphia Art Museum. So yeah, we’ll set the over/under of Achilles tears at 1.5.

Any crap, Green and company at the Sports Gambling Podcast really know their shit. If you want to laugh at the fact that somebody gets paid at least six figures to be almost as wrong as plowing your cousin, then go ahead and follow Kiper’s picks on Thursday. But if you’re all about fun yet accurate picks, then the SGP is where it’s at.

Like this, for example:

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 1.31.39 PM

Find out who they have your beloved team drafting this Thursday by clicking HERE, and be sure to check them out every week so you can finally throw your kid’s college fund down on a winner for once…

Wait, there’s more: The Utah Jazz Mascot Pulverizing A Clippers Fan In A Bubble Ball Who Bashed A Kid Is Pretty Tits

You have got to see this shit:

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