The Responses To The Chief Wahoo Protests Are Pretty Goddamn Funny

chief wahoo protests

by Frank Rhombus

You think every Irish person rags on a Notre Dame logo?

That was just one of the many “fuck you” responses Cleveland Indians fans had for the six or seven people who braved the elements earlier this week to voice their displeasure of the Chief Wahoo logo you’ll find on many a Tribe’s fan hats to this day.

We honestly don’t give a shit what side of the argument you’re on. We just think some of these responses are hilarious. Enjoy…

The guy basically air jerking a cum shot over the protesters will always have a special place in our hearts…

Wait, there’s more: So We’re Pretty Sure Texas Rangers Fans Are Sick Of Sam Dyson Blowing Games

You have got to see this shit:

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2 Responses to The Responses To The Chief Wahoo Protests Are Pretty Goddamn Funny

  1. Mike Ockslong says:

    Classy. I love how the first guy is wearing a cowboys jacket. Get it: cowboys and Indians? Also worth it to note all the beer guts. Lot of very malnourished middle aged men in Cleveland.

  2. Buckeye53 says:

    I guess before you know it they’ll be protesting the Pittsburg Puerto Ricans ! It just never ends.

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