Stephen Piscotty Got Hit By The Ball Three Times In One Inning Last Night

stephen piscotty hit in head

by Tommy Gimler

Stephen Piscotty had one hell of a night last night, but it wasn’t one of those 3-for-the-price-of-1 on choice puss kind of nights.

Instead, the St. Louis Cardinals outfielder got drilled on the right elbow by a Jake Arrieta pitch with one out in the bottom of the fifth inning, got nailed on the left elbow by a Wilson Contreras throw when he stole second base on a wild pitch and then got walloped in the head by a Javier Baez throw when he scored the Cardinals’ lone run two batters later, with that final shot to the dome literally being a knockout punch that, well, knocked Piscotty out of the game.

In case you’re a University of Phoenix graduate, that’s three times in one inning:

We’d feel bad for the guy if he didn’t play for the Cardinals, so instead, it’s quite humorous. And it’s even better when it’s set to that pig shit awful tune “Bad Day” from Daniel Powter:

And it’s even better when it’s mashed up with, well, whatever the hell they mashed it up with, I guess:

Pretty much the exact opposite happened to Piscotty Monday morning when the Cardinals signed him to a six-year, $33.5 million extension. Now? Yeah, somebody might have to remind him of that…

Wait, there’s more: I Ate A Pot Cookie And Then Predicted How Every AL Team Would Finish

You have got to see this shit:  

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