HardAgain Sounds Like The Perfect Masters Sponsor

hardagain masters

by Tommy Gimler

It’s the power enhancement you need for your #1 club.

In what turned out to be one hell of a DUDCast, Tommy was joined in studio by The Fabulous T Sean and Chicago sports fan Justin Gilbert this week, and the boys were not impressed with the officiating of Monday’s NCAA Championship game. However, they do think that referee John Higgins, who dicked Kentucky in their Elite Eight game against the Tar Heels, is getting everything he deserves in regards to bad reviews on his roofing business’s Facebook page.

There was also The Fabulous T Sean reading Masters promos, such as reading through the talking points of the newest Masters’ sponsor HardAgain, which of course will get you ready to say “Hello, friend” all over again. Plus, there was talk of new Georgetown coach Patrick Ewing’s massive dong and an epic game of “Fact or Fudge” that involved crazy clauses in sports contracts. #SheepBallsForDinner.


Man, I have got to have this shit on iTunes…

Wait, there’s more: Phil Mickelson’s Voicemail About Taking Charley Hoffman For ‘Some Serious Cash’ Makes Me Like Phil Even More

You have got to see this shit:

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