After The Predators Won Their FIRST ROUND Series, These Dipshits Flipped A Car To Celebrate

predators fans flip car

by Frank Rhombus

Act like you’ve been there before, fellas. Oh, wait. Let’s check…that’s right, you haven’t.

By the looks of things in Nashville Thursday night, a human being with at least two percent of his or her brain functioning properly would have looked at how the Predators fans “celebrated” in the streets of Tennessee’s capital city and thought, “Wow. They must have just won the franchise’s first ever Stanley Cup.”

Nope. It was a first round series win – albeit a sweep – versus the #1-seeded Chicago Blackhawks. That apparently was enough to cream the shorts of thousands of fans and then some, as many of them took to the streets and beat the piss out of a Blackhawks demolition car that had been placed there specifically for Predators fans to take a kick or two at, spit at, or maybe even urinate on, or pretty much treat like it was Corey Feldman.

Of course, that wasn’t enough for these shitdicks:

Hey, you have tip your cap to either the Predators officials or other powers that be who decided to put that car out there so some poor bastard tending bar nearby didn’t come out to the street after his shift to find his Kia Rio more jacked up than Mickey Rourke’s face.

As far as the turd who decided that sticking around to record the mayhem on his cellphone after almost getting crushed by the metal barrier that was supposed to contain the car instead of maybe taking a few dozen steps back or getting the hell out of there? Yeah, not so much…

Wait, there’s more: There Was Porn In The Background Of Tonight’s Predators-Blues Game

You have got to see this shit:  

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