So Kentucky Fans Are Taking Their Elite Eight Loss To UNC Really Well

kentucky fans burn stuff

by Frank Rhombus

Although, it’ll actually make sense once you remember that Kentucky was a Trump state.

The North Carolina Tar Heels punched their ticket to their second consecutive Final Four and thwarted an impressive last-minute Kentucky comeback when sophomore forward Luke Maye nailed what turned out to be the game-winning jumper with just 0.3 seconds remaining Sunday afternoon. While the outcome of the game was enjoyed by millions of basketball fans across the country as well as those tournament sponsors who pretty much gave up their left testicles to run ads during game stoppages, it really chapped the asses of Wildcats fans something fierce.

Now, I’m not talking about some 47-year-old grown man who still lives with his parents and never even went to college painted in Kentucky blue and white from head to toe dropping to his knees in the driveway and sobbing like his mom just overcooked his pizza. No sir. Despite the fact that their beloved team has won more NCAA Tournament games than any other institution of higher learning, this Elite Eight defeat stung these Kentucky fans so bad that they set both a TV and T-shirt on fire and then chanted “Fuck UNC!” at the top of their lungs.

Again, if you weren’t paying attention or can’t read yet somehow made it this far, those are clips of hundreds of shitdick Kentucky fans who simply had no idea how to cope with their decorated program’s Elite Eight loss. Not a championship game or even Final Four loss but an Elite Eight loss. And that, children, is almost as sad as the fact that people are actually dropping 34 bucks a pop to hear Corey Feldman sing.

I guess if you’re looking at this with a “glass half-full” perspective, hey, at least these fucktards spelled UNC correctly…

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You have got to see this shit:

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