Pacman Jones Continues To Be NFL’s Biggest Dipshit, Posts Instagram Pics Of $160K For Spring Break

pacman jones spring break

by Tommy Gimler

Even if he could actually find Monte Carlo on a map and was heading there for a spring break blowout, that would still be way too much cash.

Just when you thought it would be impossible for Adam “Pacman” Jones to be any dumber than he’s already been this year, he goes and does something like this and totally makes you feel like a dickbag for believing that maybe, just maybe, he’d lay low and just worry about making the Bengals roster and collecting millions of dollars in the process.

That’s right, kids. At the age of 33, Pacman Jones is heading down to spring break, and he’s doing so with $160,000 in cash. How do we, a couple of college graduates in California who are using our degrees to blog, know that?

Well, you guessed it: He took pictures of all that cabbage and posted them to his Instagram page for all to see. Smart

pacman jones spring break 2 pacman jones spring break 1 pacman jones spring break 3

The DUD Breakdown Of Why Pacman Jones Is A Goddamn Moron Yet Again 

Just two things here, as Pacman Jones being a shitdick is beginning to get quite old.

For starters, if he’s going to spring break where the majority of Americans go, 400 bucks – not $160K – should do the trick. All you have to do is hit up one of those kids standing outside the bus terminal who is selling one of those coupon cards for $50 that will get you unlimited beer or Jack and Cokes for four or five hours at different clubs every night you’re there.

That would still leave him enough scratch to buy a drink for some random slice of poon who’s somehow dumber than he is and is contemplating going home with him and get the finest angus burger Panama City Beach has to offer.

Second, if you’re going to have $160,000 worth of lettuce in your possession, you’d think that the last thing you would do with it – short of eating it or jamming it up your ass, of course – is take a fucking picture of it, throw it up online and tell everybody you’re going to spring break. Then again, I have a properly-functioning brain.

Seriously, whether it’s Daytona, South Padre or Miami Beach, I’m sure there are a couple of hard, pipe-hitting gentlemen in each of those joints who are going to be all ears and eyes once you roll into town. Good luck with that…

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You have got to see this shit:

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