Huge Hypocrite Draymond Green Thought The Knicks Playing No Music During The First Half Today Was Pathetic

quiet knicks game

by Frank Rhombus

Hello, kettle? Yeah, you’re black.

Since the New York Knicks laced ‘em up today and took to the hardwood for 48 minutes, odds are you decided to do anything else with your Sunday afternoon.

But that means you missed the Knicks go rogue and fill Madison Square Garden with silence instead of jock jams during the first half of their 112-105 loss to Golden State. To be honest, it was pretty fucked up:

Seriously, that’s almost as uncomfortable as going out to the desert for a concert and thinking your wife is standing right next to you, so you turn around after conversing with your friend and spank her on the ass, only it’s not her that’s next to you anymore but a male Raiders fan with long blonde hair instead.

Draymond Green of all people didn’t care for it either, and he actually had the grapes to call New York’s actions “pathetic,” which is funny because you can basically sum up many of Green’s actions on the basketball court using the same word:

I mean, we get it. The silence that rang through Madison Square Garden during that timeout was awkward and unnecessary, but so is continuously kicking grown men in their cock and balls and then saying it was just part of a basketball move. So yeah, eat a dick, Draymond Green…

Wait, there’s more: Here’s One Way To Make Sure A Child Doesn’t Shoot The Basketball Through His Own Hoop

You have got to see this shit:

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