This Video Of Roger Goodell Proves Once And For All That He Is A Turd

roger goodell barstool sports

by Frank Rhombus

It’s not like we needed any further proof of this, but this is easily the final nail in the coffin.

Ever heard of Barstool Sports? Ever heard of how they were arrested protesting the lie that the majority of people termed “Deflategate” at NFL Headquarters? Ever heard that the NFL was so butthurt by the actions of that day and their continuous bashing of the commissioner that they were “barred from all Super Bowl activities?”

Odds are if you’re even just a moderate sports fan, then the answer is yes. But who has no knowledge of this? You guessed it: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Jesus Christ, dude, where did you get your media relations degree from, Trump University?

I mean, imagine this guy running a McDonald’s, and odds are you would see this scenario play out: It’s a Wednesday afternoon, and you’re short on dough so you decide to eat at the “Golden Arches” to save a few bucks. You ask for a burger with no onions on it. You get your burger, and hot damn, there are onions on it. You return to the counter to show that the burger indeed does have onions on it despite the fact that you asked for no onions. Roger Goodell says there are no onions on it, so you will not be getting that replacement burger.

The good news for the gang at Barstool Sports is that Goodell’s attempt to bar them from covering their beloved Patriots at America’s biggest sporting spectacle is that his shitdickery is basically going to have the exact opposite effect of what he was hoping for. Instead, everybody from the Boston Herald to NBC Sports is running with the story and giving them way more press than if Goodell would have just laughed everything off and given them the same access as Omaha’s Fox affiliate…

Wait, there’s more: Super Bowl 51 Preview: If You’re Going To Houston, Bring Some Mace And Wrap It Up

You have got to see this shit:

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