Help Me, DUD! I Don’t Know Who To Bet In Super Bowl 51!

New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons

by Tommy Gimler

When somebody comes to us for gambling advice, you know they’re desperate.

Meet Jeremy. He’s a 37-year-old business professional on the East Coast who’s in need of some “serious” gambling advice so he can win his “football pool”:

Dear DUD:

I’m somehow still alive in a football gambling pool despite the fact that I know very little about football. I guess you could say that my knowledge of the game rivals the size of DeSean Jackson’s “Asian” dick that you referenced in your podcast.

You guys seem like nice people, although I have been wrong before, and I’m hoping you can ask your readers to tell me who they would place everything they have on this Sunday in hopes that it leads to me winning a grand.

If not, then you suck.

All the best,


Falls Church, VA

Well, great news, Jeremy! We’re going to help you out, and hopefully both of our readers here at the DUD answer this poll in time for you to make your big bet.

If you win, feel free to send us a cut. If not, you’ve never heard of us.

So c’mon DUD readers! Answer the poll below and help Jeremy win som serious Bitcoin.


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