This Genius Dude Has Bet The Packers To Win (And Rolled It Over) Every Game Since Aaron Rodgers Said They Could Run The Table

packers bet

by Tommy Gimler

A $300 bet has turned into more than $28,000 in less than two months, and if our calculations are correct, that’s a lot.

When Adam Shecter’s pal placed a $300 bet on the Green Bay Packers to win a Monday Night Football game against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Packers were nothing short of pig shit awful. The team was 4-6, and they were coming off back-to-back ass poundings administered by the Tennessee Titans and Washington Redskins.

But then quarterback/stud Aaron Rodgers stepped up to the mic and said he and his teammates could run the table. That apparently struck a chord with Shecter’s pal, so he placed that $300 bet on the Pack to win at +175. And after the Packers took care of business against the Eagles, Shecter let it all ride again on the Pack to beat the Texans. And then he did it again when Seattle came to town. And then, well, unless you’re a fucking idiot, you see where we’re going here.

By the time the Packers were finished taking the Giants behind the woodshed and jamming a shovel up their peeholes, Shecter’s pal had turned his $300 bet into $10,259.50. And naturally, he let it ride on Green Bay again when they went to Dallas:

Damn, man. Can you imagine being Shecter’s buddy and having balls the size of grapefruits? Jogging must be a bitch for this guy.

And you know what else will be a bitch for him? You guessed it: The Packers losing this Sunday against the Falcons in the NFC Championship Game because hot damn, he’s letting it all ride on them again for a chance to pocket just a c-hair more than $76,000:  

Well, I used to think that nobody wanted to see the Packers win more than the wife of a fan in Wisconsin since domestic violence calls to 911 go up 10 percent after they lose (and 20 percent after they lose to the Vikings), but with more than 76,000 clams on the line this Sunday, we’ll now say that nobody wants them to win more than Shecter’s pal.

In a related story, if you know this guy, maybe hide his guns this weekend…

Wait, there’s more: Green Bay At Atlanta In The NFC Championship Game: A Closer Look

You have got to see this shit:

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