Some Of The Giants Are Preparing For The Packers By Partying With Justin Bieber

odell beckham justin bieber boat

by Frank Rhombus

Newsflash: The two biggest bitches on the planet were together in Miami last night.

The New York Giants are four-point underdogs heading into this Sunday’s matchup against the Green Bay Packers.

Maybe that’s because the the Packers are the home team and have rattled off six straight wins after Aaron Rodgers suggested they would “run the table.” Maybe it’s because the gap between Rodgers’s ability to play the quarterback position and Eli Manning’s “ability” is bigger than Ava Devine’s hump hole, and that broad can fit almost three Lexington Steele’s inside of her at one time.

Or maybe it’s because instead of flying back to New York to study film after shattering Washington’s playoff aspirations Sunday evening, New York’s bat shit crazy wide receiver Odell Beckham flew to Miami along with Victor Cruz, Sam Shepard and Roger Lewis, who you might best recognize from the phrase, “Who the fuck is Roger Lewis?”, where they met up giant turd Justin Bieber to usher in the new year in the club:

They then jumped on a boat with Trey Songz Monday morning. Let’s see how that turned out:  

A video posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

Now don’t get us wrong, as we’d be the first in line to jump on a boat with girls like that shaking their fabulous poop chutes and titties the size of my head. And we totally get that Monday was an off day for Beckham and his teammates. I mean, yesterday was my off day, and I spent it watching lesbian internet porn and professional football games instead of preparing for this shitty story today.

But goddamn, son. What’s the harm in waiting to do that shit in March instead of the first week of the NFL playoffs? Or hell, why not just hold off until the first week of your offseason, which might be next week if Beckham and his boys don’t start taking the task at hand more seriously? And what is the lure of flying to Miami to party with Bieber when you can just fly back to NYC and party with something with more talent, like a homeless man’s shit pile?

Wait, there’s more: We Hope Your New Year’s Eve Celebration Is Almost As Much Fun As Whatever The Fuck This Is

You have got to see this shit:

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