Odell Beckham Was So Odell Beckham After Odell Beckham And The Giants Shit The Bed Against The Packers


by Frank Rhombus

Punching a hole in the wall, hey? Yeah, that’ll help you actually catch passes the next time around.

In case you were forced to work second shift at the asbestos factory on Sunday, well, you missed the Green Bay Packers shove one up the New York Giants’ peeholes, pull it back out and turn it sideways and then jam it back up there again.

While the final score of 38-13 might suggest the Giants were never in the Wild Card game, that is far from the truth. Simply put, if Odell Beckham wouldn’t have been such a shitdick on the field Sunday afternoon, the Giants might have been the ones packing their bags for Dallas next weekend. Instead, Odell and his boys will be able to pack three or four sets of jeans and high tops and party with fellow turd Justin Bieber for the rest of January if they want. And fuck, now they’ll actually be able to say yes to some Adderall on Trey Songz’s boat for the rest of the winter if they want.

But what they won’t be doing is pretty much the same thing we didn’t see them do Sunday afternoon: catching footballs. Sure, in the box score, it’ll just say that Eli Manning threw an incomplete pass to Beckham on 3rd and 5 from the Green Bay 35-yard line on the game’s opening series. What it won’t say is that Beckham dropped a pass that was easier than Jennifer Love Hewitt that would have gone for a first down and continued what was a rather impressive opening drive for the G-Men up to that point.

On the Giants’ next possession, Beckham again had a chance to show the world that he can afford to fly to Miami and party during the opening week of the playoffs and still be a threat on the playing field. Well, he left a mark all right, but it was nothing short of a giant skid mark, as he dropped what would have and should have been the game’s first touchdown.

Instead, the Giants were forced to settle for a field goal, and it allowed the Packers to stay in the game despite the fact that Aaron Rodgers and company were struggling to find the same rhythm and magic they had showed over the last six weeks. Eventually, Rodgers got hotter than two broads licking each other’s naughty parts, and the rest is history.

Naturally, even while the game was still going on, people across the country couldn’t help but take a shot at Beckham and his teammates for taking a trip to Miami at the beginning of the week and then delivering Giants fans everywhere a giant dick sandwich. And naturally, Beckham addressed it at his press conference after the game and said the trip had nothing to do with his performance.

“It sounds typical to me,” Beckham said. “At the end of the day, I went through practice, had zero drops, zero missed assignments – there was nothing to connect seven days ago to [Sunday's game] and how we played and executed. There is just nothing in the world. It’s just not realistic. I think it did a great job at creating distractions for us. And it’s unfortunate. That is just the way this world is. There is just no way you can connect something that happened seven days ago to [Sunday].”

And naturally, as soon as he was done at the podium, Beckham walked into the hallway and turned into Lindsay Lohan when the party runs out of chardonnay:

A grounds crew member allegedly saw Beckham go all Chris Brown on the wall and said something to the effect of “C’mon, man.” Beckham’s response? You guessed it: He told the dude to “fuck off” and then began banging his head against the wall, which it totally something a dude who’s playing with a full deck of cards would do.

But maybe, kids, we just have to accept from here on out that this is just who Odell Beckham is: a psychotic, selfish asshole concerned more about what the game of football can do for him off the field (clubbing with Bieber, fucking Kardashians, sitting on celebrities’ boats in jeans) instead of what he can do for the game of football and his teammates.

And that’s nothing short of sad and pathetic…

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