I Guess They Call Traveling In The NBA After All

russell westbrook traveling

by Tommy Gimler

All it takes is for a superstar to take six steps while he’s holding onto the ball, I guess.

If you’re a little late to the party, this Russell Westbrook guy is fucking nuts, and we mean that in both the good and the bad sense. On one hand, the Oklahoma City Thunder point guard recorded his…wait for it…21st triple double of the season in his team’s loss to the Golden State Warriors Wednesday night. I mean, think about that: 21 triple doubles and the NBA season is still younger than girls Roman Polanski likes to rape.

But on the other hand, Westbrook can really be a real piece of shit sometimes. Exhibit A for that argument? You guessed it: The fact that he was in total “fuck it” mode and took six steps without dribbling the basketball last night:

Two things here. One, it’s good to see that traveling is still a violation in the NBA after all. Dr. James Naismith would be so proud. And two, settle the fuck down, Steph Curry. Did you see how pissed he got? It’s not like you’re a fucking saint either when it comes to following the rules, brah:

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You have got to see this shit:

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