Clemson’s Dabo Swinney Is One Classy Dude

dabo swinney postgame interview

by Tommy Gimler

There is only one way to describe Clemson’s 35-31 last-second victory over Alabama Monday night, and that of course is “shit your pants awesome.”

That’s right, kids. For the first time in 35 years, the Clemson Tigers are bringing the championship trophy back to campus thanks in large part to quarterback Deshaun Watson, who threw for 420 yards and three scores and used his legs to tally one more tuddy against what some were calling the greatest defense of all time.

Although it took almost a half hour for that final second to finally tick off the clock at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Monday night, it finally did, and the reality of being the first coach to bring a national championship back to the fine people of Clemson since Danny Ford did so during the 1981 season was just too much for Dabo Swinney to keep his shit together.

And what followed was nothing short of one of the greatest postgame interviews that we’ve ever seen:

I mean, wow. That’s really what it’s all about right there.

Does that mean that Clemson is now our favorite team and Dabo Swinney is our new favorite head coach here at the DUD? No fucking way. But how could you watch that and not make room for Swinney somewhere in your top ten favorite coaches in sports today? Not doing so would simply be un-American.

Great game, great coach and great postgame moment. Good thing you were able to skip watching The Bachelor for one night and take in all the magic…

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You have got to see this shit:  

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