Just A Security Guard At The Chargers Game Jerking Off To The Cheerleaders

chargers security guard masturbating

by Tommy Gimler

Easy, buddy. You don’t want to rip that thing off.

The Oakland Raiders needed a 4th quarter rally to defeat the San Diego Chargers 19-16 Sunday afternoon, but the real action apparently took place along the sidelines, as a security guard decided that a sellout crowd at Qualcomm Stadium wasn’t going to keep him from jerking off a few feet from several Chargers cheerleaders before the game.

Geez, dude. They’re not that hot. And that one camera guy who passed in front of him must feel rather fortunate that he didn’t accidentally get penetrated. Close call.

Elite Security, the company responsible for hiring this shitdick, says the savage has since been fired for his “actions.” Apparently tossing one off in front of almost 69,000 people doesn’t classify as elite these days.

No word on what this guy has in mind for his next career move, but if punching his clown on the job is his thing, he’ll have his work cut for him coming (pun intended) up with a short list of places where that kind of behavior might be tolerated. Off the top of my head, he might want to think about filling out an application at either AutoZone or Golden Corral…

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You have got to see this shit:

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