Paul George Goes Full Turd, Kicks Ball Into Stands And Hits Fan In The Face

paul george

by Frank Rhombus

Never go full turd, man.

Don’t believe me? Ask Karl Malone. He went full turd and knocked up a 13-year-old girl and went home empty handed.

Odds are you missed last night’s Bulls-Pacers game because you were busy doing anything else, but Indiana star forward Paul George was ejected in the third quarter for kicking a basketball into the crowd that hit a girl right in the face.

Click here for the video since I’m writing this on my iPhone and trying to embed the fucker is harder than a college freshman at a tit bar:

George apologized to the young lady shortly after his shitdickery, but by then it was too late. He was tossed from the game and will likely be hearing from the Jews in the league office on Monday or Tuesday.

The Pacers eventually won the game 111-94 primarily because the Bulls are pure dog shit, but odds are that unless you had money on the game you couldn’t give two shits about anything from this game other than the fact that George went full turd…

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