Look How Much Fun They’re Having At Los Angeles Rams Games

rams fans fight

by Frank Rhombus

At first we thought it was a Trump rally, but then we noticed the minorities greatly outnumbered the whites.

The Los Angeles Rams offense is about as potent as my 90-year-old grandpa’s dick, and it appears as though the shitdickery on the field at the Los Angeles Coliseum boiled over into the stands Sunday afternoon, as a few “diehard” Rams fans decided to throw down.

Let’s see how that turned out:

It’s hard to tell if the dude trying to play peacemaker after he pushed Fat Fuck #1 down a few rows of seats was actually tased by police officers as they slowly made their way toward the fracas, but based on his reaction and the fact that so many cops in 2016 are looking for any reason to shoot a minority, we’ll lean toward that he was probably was.

And a big shoutout to Fat Fuck #2 for finally putting his fat ass back into his cargo shorts toward the end of the clip. Jesus, man. There are kids present…

Wait, there’s more: Here Are Your NFL Power Rankings After Week 9

You have got to see this shit:

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