Look How Much Fun They Had At The 49ers-Dolphins Game


by Tommy Gimler

“I’ve got three kids up here, you fucking assholes!”

“Then get the fuck out of here, man.”

I mean, let’s be honest: The most surprising part of this fight between 49ers and Dolphins fans Sunday afternoon is that everybody involved spoke English.


You really have to feel for that 49ers dork.

I’m assuming that he’s watching his old man getting pummeled by two ignorant piles of dog shit, so the only thing he can do is throw what in his mind are haymakers to stick up for his dad, and the poor kid gets trounced by a cheap-shot asshole wearing a Ndamukong Suh jersey (big surprise there) who apparently gets off on hitting kids with mental disorders.

Well, at the very least, we have video evidence of three guys in Florida who voted for Trump. ‘Merica…

Wait, there’s more: Ain’t That Some Shit When You Dribble Out The Final Seconds Of A Basketball Game Because You Thought You Were Winning But You Were Actually Losing?

You have got to see this shit:

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