Boxer TKO’s Opponent Then Goes After His Trainer As All Hell Breaks Loose In Puerto Rico


by Will Kay

Two of the most common complaints voiced by professional boxing fans include rigged matches and overhyped fights that fail to deliver in terms of excitement, bravery and skill.

In late October, however, fans of the Sweet Science actually got to see two fighters who not only backed up their prematch trash talk but also continued brawling after the bell.

The venue was the Roberto Clemente Coliseum of Puerto Rico; the contenders were local veterans whose animosity and trash talk before the match had gotten out of hand. Wilfredo Vasquez Jr. and Juan Manuel Lopez each arrived at the Coliseum with respectable records but little respect for each other. The good thing with fighters like this is that they will leave it all in the ring, as opposed to some of the high-paid “greats.”

Bad blood leading up to fight night was palpable due to offensive comments made at press conferences. At one point, Vasquez said that he found Lopez to be a repulsive man. That comment almost led to a brawl, which promoted boxing officials to hire extra security for both the weigh-in and the match.

Once Lopez and Vasquez entered the ring, they settled their disputes by going toe-to-toe in a tough display of trademark Puerto Rican boxing. Lopez was at a disadvantage in terms of technique in the early rounds, but he later found his footing and put Vasquez in a hurry to score points. As this pugilistic display was taking place, the insults coming from Vasquez’s corner were beginning to upset Lopez.

The crowd was electrified by the 11th round, when Lopez warmed up his left hand to deliver a powerful hook that should have been lights out for Vasquez. Nonetheless, the former champ was stunned for a second and amazingly kept trading blows until he found himself against the ropes. When Vasquez was unable to hold on to the top rope and hit the canvas, the referee wisely moved to call a technical knockout and checked on the downed fighter to make he could stand for the match declaration.

Lopez was elated to have scored a TKO just before the 12th round in a match that could have gone to either boxer had it been settled by the cards. As Lopez celebrated, a cornerman came into the ring to check on Vasquez, and that is when things got really ugly:

The bare-knuckled cornerman found himself assaulted by Lopez, who still had his gloves on and was seeking revenge for all the obscenities hurled at him from Vasquez’s corner, but it was he who actually got the best of Lopez by landing a few clean shots.

Boxing fans in attendance who really wanted to see the match go the full 12 rounds suddenly began throwing beer, water and other liquids towards the ring, but in the end, the extra security hired by fight promoters and organizers paid off as the guards separated Lopez from the cornerman and restored order.

The veteran fighters actually hugged each other and finally gave each other the respect they certainly did not show before the match, and while it was a retirement fight for Vasquez, Lopez will actually be thinking about a couple of more matches before hanging up his gloves.

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You have got to see this shit:

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