Will Fuller Is Almost As Intense When It Comes To Signing Yearbooks As He Is On The Football Field


by Tommy Gimler

Like most NFL wide receivers will this year, Will Fuller went off against the Chicago Bears yesterday to the tune of five catches for 107 yards and a tuddy.

But it sounds like that was nothing compared to how he went off on a young girl named Maddie a few summers ago.

According to the gang at Barstool Sports, the Houston Texans wide receiver didn’t have time to leave a “Stay cool!” or “Have a great summer!” or “It was fun looking at Mrs. Schneidler’s mole in English everyday!” in one of his Roman Catholic High School classmate’s yearbooks several years ago, and it turns out the reason why he didn’t have time for that shit was because he was probably fucking the shit out of Maddie:


I’ll be honest, guys. If this really was Will Fuller signing this dude’s yearbook, mad props to him for having the penmanship of a 14-year-old girl. Seriously, I’m jealous. Two, considering the language Fuller used to describe his aspirations of taking Maddie to pound town, we’ll venture a guess that he didn’t use a condom. And three, it was 100 percent – without a doubt – anal…

Wait, there’s more: 2016 Outlook For All 32 NFL Teams In Two Sentences Or Less

You have got to see this shit:

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