Last Night’s Rams-49ers Game Was So Pathetic That The Best Part Was This Radio Call Of Some Dipshit Running Onto The Field

Rams 49ers streaker radio call

by Tommy Gimler

Unless you’re a diehard sports junkie like me who has to listen to professional football games on Westwood One because you’re always on the road for work, odds are the first think that comes to mind after hearing the name Kevin Harlan is, “Who in the hell is Kevin Harlan?”

Well, he’s probably going to become a household name now thanks to this call from last night’s pig shit awful game between the Rams and 49ers.

There are two reasons – and two reasons only – why you would have still been watching the Los Angeles Rams offensive line let more men through than Jennifer Love Hewitt’s hump hole and Blaine Gabbert underthrow his wide receivers by three yards at the 11:35-mark in the fourth quarter on TV last night. I mean, either you hate your wife or you had money on the game. Or hell, maybe even both.

But for those of you poor bastards on the road who decided to tune their radios in to Kevin Harlan and Boomer Esiason still calling the shit show because of contractual obligations instead of turning the dial over to hear George Noory take a phone call from some batshit crazy 64-year-old woman who swears those aliens once again mutilated her goddamn cows, well, you were handsomely rewarded when Harlan made what is probably the greatest call in the history of radio as a streaker ran onto the field:

“The guy is drunk! But there he goes!”

Hahaha. Great work, Mr. Harlan. You can fuck my sister…

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You have got to see this shit:

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