Watch This Mets Fan Try To Out-Sexy Bartolo ‘Big Sexy’ Colon

shirtless mets fan bartolo colon

by Tommy Gimler

Just so we’re clear, pissing in the bushes at the Little League World Series when the line to the john is 40 deep is frowned upon, but this is copacetic. Good to know.

A Cro-Magnon Mets fan somehow scraped together enough cash for a front row seat at yesterday’s Mets-Giants game at AT&T Park, and you know, come to think of it, we’re pretty sure we actually do know how he made enough scratch for such a a choice seat:

The Mets won the game 9-5 behind another sexy performance from the one and only ‘Big Sexy’ Colon, but let’s be honest: After watching Uncle Sid show off the goods, who really gives a shit about the score?

In a related story, remember when Bartolo Colon got suspended for 50 games for testosterone use at the age of 39 because that’s what you do when you absolutely suck balls for five consecutive seasons at the tail end of your career? Yeah, since then he’s 58-39 and has pitched at least 190 innings every year, which is totally something that’s normal when you’re the game’s oldest player…

Wait, there’s more: And Here We Have A Cubs Fan Getting Jerked Off During A Win Against The Brewers

You have got to see this shit:

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