This British Hottie Thinks She Can Run The 100m Dash In Seven Seconds

woman thinks she can run fast 100m dash

by Tommy Gimler

I’m telling you, it’s almost as funny as Rickie Weeks thinking he could play Major League Baseball.

Brad Holmes is apparently an online prankster in Great Britain, and if the rest of his videos are as funny as this one of his fiancée Jenny describing why she could run the 100m dash in roughly 7 1/2 seconds, then consider me a big fan.

Seriously, it might be the funniest video you’ll watch all week, almost as funny as the fact that there are English subtitles despite the fact that they’re both speaking fucking English:

“Why can’t I?”

“Jen, the world record is 9.52 or 9.58, something like that.”

“Well, you got slow people running it.”

And boom goes the dynamite. I’m going to venture a guess that trying to explain why it doesn’t get dark in parts of Alaska during the summer is out of the question with this broad…

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You have got to see this shit:

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