MLB Umpire Bob Davidson Threw A Phillies Fan Out Of The Ballpark For Saying ‘You Suck’

bob davidson drunk fan

by Tommy Gimler

Bob Davidson is one of the three worst umpires in Major League Baseball. He looks like your stereotypical alcoholic uncle who failed out of high school but somehow still thinks the world evolves around him, and his favorite pastime is bitching about getting laid off from the Dr. Pepper factory again.

Seriously, if the World Umpires Association hands out awards at the end of the season, odds are Davidson is a five-time recipient of the “Most Likely To Go Home And Beat The Tar Out Of His Wife If The Fridge Isn’t Stocked Full Of Schlitz” award.

Well, he apparently acts like a drunk asshole, too. And while he’s on the job, no less.

One “gentleman” taking in the Phillies-Giants game at Citizens Bank Park last night learned that the hard way when Davidson ejected him from the ballpark for continually yelling “You suck!” at him.

To be fair, the dude Davidson kicked out of the park seemed like a Grade A shitdick, displaying the type of douchebaggery you usually only get from somebody who’s plowing a Kardashian. Yeah, we get it, brah. You have the Liberty Bell tattooed on your tricep. Awesome.

Now, Davidson didn’t say so after the game, but did the dude not also chime in with “Hey faggot!” before yelling “You suck!” at him? Give it another listen and see what you come up with. Or who knows, maybe the dude was having flashbacks of his previous life in ‘Nam and was screaming “Maggot!” at the top of his lungs?

All Davidson said was that he threw the fan out of the ballpark just for yelling “You suck!”, and if that’s the case, then good lord, the pussification of America is alive and well.

Also, Tuesday night was far from the first time Bob Davidson made the night at ol’ ballpark all about him. Check out this clip from Miller Park in 2010 when he ejected Brewers manager/turd Ken Macha, Cardinals pitching coach Dave Duncan, Brewers “player” Chris Dickerson and then…wait for it…a 44-year-old fan from Waukesha for heckling Yadier Molina:

Well, there you have it, kids. The next time you’re at a game featuring Bob Davidson calling balls and strikes (or C.B. Bucknor or Angel Hernandez for that matter), be sure to cue up the ol’ “You suck!” Odds are you’re going to need it, as it will more than likely perfectly sum up his performance behind the plate…

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You have got to see this shit:

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