A Bottle Of Bud Light Lime Probably Saved A Man’s Life At The Mets-Phillies Game On Saturday

odubel herrera foul ball

by Frank Rhombus

It’s like I’ve always said: Drinking saves lives.

Odds are you’ve never heard of Odubel Herrera because he plays for the Philadelphia Phillies, and they’re pure fucking garbage.

But the 24-year-old outfielder has had a pretty solid year for the Phillies, hitting .287 with 10 home runs, 12 stolen bases and an OBP of .371. He also hit a foul ball Saturday night harder than Peter North after he pops one of the little blue guys and gets ready to hammer away on another young woman who hates her father, and the only thing that kept it from decapitating a dude sitting front row behind the tarp was the fact that his buddy sitting next to him decided to queer it up and order an aluminum bottle of Bud Light Lime an inning earlier.

Oh, we kid. I’ve got a 12-pack of that shit in my fridge right now because it’s the second-tastiest summertime beer on the market. But still, you’ve got to see how it probably saved this guy’s life:

Almost as surprising as the bottle of Bud Light Lime being in the perfect spot at the perfect time? You guessed it: The Phillies actually won the game 4-2…

Wait, there’s more: Darryl Strawberry Admitted To Plowing Broads In The Clubhouse During Games

You have got to see this shit:

pokemon go sign

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