And Here’s A Kid At The Twins-Rangers Game Using His Sunglasses To Pick His Nose And Eat It

kid picks nose at twins rangers game

by Tommy Gimler

Hey, 50 bucks says the Smails kid picks his nose. 50 bucks more says he eats it. You’re on.

Odds are you missed a Twins-Rangers game in early July because you were busy doing something more constructive like jamming a screwdriver up your peehole, but that means you missed a ginger kid in the stands use his shades as a tool to pick the boogers out of his nose and then eat them.

Fox Sports Southwest cameras zoomed in tight on Olympic fencer Gerek Meinhardt Thursday night so he could talk about what it means to go to Rio or some shit, but the star of the interview was the kid in the background who used a pair of sunglasses his old man probably got when he signed up for the Discover Card to clean a few snot balls out of his nostrils and then dispose of them in his piehole.

It was pure fucking gold, man:

That kid will eat anything…

Wait, there’s more: Is This The Most Ridiculous Touchdown Catch Of All Time?

You have got to see this shit:

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