Our Latest Podcast Is All About The Nut Shots

lebron-james-draymond-green nut shot

by Tommy Gimler

You don’t hit people in the balls, you asshole.

It’s the “Nut Shot” episode featuring Tommy Gimler and The Fabulous T Sean this week, as the boys really get into it about Draymond Green’s inability to refrain from hitting other players in their cock and balls. Plus, Juan Uribe takes a 106 MPH ground ball to the nards, Muhammad Ali has a sex tape, the Penguins with the Stanley Cup, Las Vegas has an NHL team in its future, and the German men’s soccer team’s coach scratched his balls and dug in his ass and then…wait for it…sniffed his fingers.



Seriously. Somebody tell Draymond Green to stop hitting dudes in their grapes. Shit hurts, bro…

Wait, there’s more: This Video Perfectly Sums Up How Big Of A Douchebag Chris Berman Really Is

You have got to see this shit:

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